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WW2 Sten Submachine Gun Mk3   9mm  manufactured by Lines Brothers Ltd 

                                      Early spec deactivations (1995)

                                        Dry firing & Totally Strippable

    This is a very nice example of a WW2 British made Mark 3 Sten Gun sympathetically 

Deactivated in 1995 to old spec and is fully strippable and dry firing.


    The MK3 was first introduced in 1943 being a simpler design than the MK2 but the Mk3 Sten gun had a very short production life of just 9 months.  This Mk3 Sten Gun was manufactured by Lines Brothers Ltd and by far the most famous of all Sten Gun manufactures. 

    Lines Bros Ltd was a British toy manufacturer who operated  under the Tri-ang brand name,  but much more importantly in WW2  it was a manufacturer of pressed steel cars and trains.  It had all the tooling already in place for Sten gun production and the skills to manufacture the Mark 2 and Mk3 Sten submachine gun.

      Within weeks of receiving the British Government War department Sten gun contract Sten guns were rolling off the production line.

2014-01-01 00.04.04.jpg


Fully strippable and dry firing,  sympathetically deactivated this WW2 Mk3 Sten gun is in original war time condition.


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