Pre 95  WW2 Sten Gun Mk2   9mm

This is a very nice condition WW2 Mark 2 Sten Gun  which has been sympathetically deactivation. Fully dry firing and totally strippable 

This Sten Mk2 is a select fireblowback-operated weapon and loads its magazine on the left, rather than the bottom, as is the usual configuration it comes from the names of the weapon's chief designers, Major Reginald V. Shepherd and Harold Turpin, and EN for the Enfield factory.


Over two million Stens Mk2's  were manufactured from 1942 to late 1943 and is by far the most common Sten version used in WW2 

Great condition and fully dry firing



Please make sure all your export and importation paperwork is in place and CORRECT before purchasing the item