WW2  Sten Gun Mark 3   9mm

 The Mk 3 Sten gun was the most brutally simple model of Sten. It was designed and produced by Lines Brothers, a company better known as the producer of "Tri-Ang" toys. It dispensed with the rotating magazine housing and removable barrel of the Mk 2 gun ,  in favour of a stamped metal casing into which the barrel and magazine housing were pinned and welded.


The barrel casing has a distinctive welded seam along the top. These design changes allowed Lines Bros to produce an astonishing 876,794 guns between the spring of 1942 and the autumn of 1943. By the latter date however, it was decided to cease production and concentrate on manufacture of the Mk 2. The Mk 3 Sten saw widespread service with the Army,














This Mk3 Sten Gun is UK Spec so you can operate the bolt, the trigger also works but does not control the bolt.  The gun is in great condition. The receiver is marked  LB ( Lines Bros mark used in place of S.68 code ). The serial number is fully visible as is the LB stamp.























The mk3 was only in production for 18 months and are quite hard to find and even better that you can manual dry fire it (un-like the new EU Spec deactivated Stens) .