WW1 Standard Small Arms No1 Mklll*  .303   dated 1917

                                    Fina foil  Stamps

Standard Smalls Arms Ltd was only in production for one year  (1917 ) and was a Birmingham Small Arms company created to supply parts for the war effort during WW1.

Standard Small Arms was not the only company in the components supply chain but was by far the biggest.  This was called the peddlers scheme and was an effort by the War department to boost component parts production during WW1.

Standard Small Arms manufactured SMLE Receivers which were then shipped to Enfield to be assembled into rifles.  On this rifle there is a Enfield stamp on the rear of the receiver as well as a SSA Stamp.

In late 1917 Standard Small Arms Ltd got into financial trouble and had to be Nationalised by the British Government to keep production running, this was vital as the big push by the Germans Army was expected at anytime as 40 German Divisions were been moved from the Russian Front to the Western Front after Russia had left the war. 

In 1918 Standard Smalls Arms Ltd was dissolved and was renamed The National Rifle Company. 

This Rifle also has Fina foil stamps on the rear of the receiver which show this rifle was sold to the Irish after WW1 or more likely this rifle was in an Irish regiment during WW1  and ended up in Ireland after the war.