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From a member of the well respected 'Lovat Society' 

WW1  BSA & Co  Number 1 Mark III   Dated 1915  .303  Volley Sights 

                              full windage and leather sling

   This is an excellent example off a WW1 BSA fully volley sight 1915  303  SMLE 

service rifle.  

    The rifle is clearly stamped with all the necessary marks that you would expect 

for a British Army service rifle of this period.   The barrel is in good servable condition and the bolt has a smooth action on its operation.   

    Manufactured at the Hight of WW1 in 1915 at the BSA  factory in Birmingham and fitted with long range volley sights.

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   1915 was the last year that volley sight system was used also this rifle is equipped with a magazine cut off.  It is getting very hard these days to find such a good example. 

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     This is a great service rifle that survived the Great War




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