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Rhodesian  Lacoste LDP   9mm Sub Machine gun

               Early spec  Dry firing / Strippable

This Lacoste LDP (Land Defence Pistol)  9mm submachine gun of Rhodesian origin manufactured by Lacoste Engineering Company.

This Rhodesian 9mm sub machine gun is early spec and is dry firing and is field strippable.  This is an open bolt blow back sub machine gun.


Designed by engineer Alex DuPlessis. It was sold during the Rhodesian Bush War (1965-1980) for use by white Rhodesian farmers to protect themselves.

The Lacoste LDP was selective fire (safe, semi-auto, or full-auto) by means of a switch on the right side, above the trigger guard.


The large, lever-like magazine catch was also on the weapon's right side. A grip safety was held down by the middle finger at the front of the pistol grip; releasing it raised a spur (the upper part of the two-pronged grip safety) that blocked the trigger from traveling completely backwards.

After the fall of Rhodesia, the weapon's manufacturer soon set up in South Africa as Kommando Arms Manufacturing Company (Pty Ltd.).




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