Genuine Rhodesian Army Sniper Rifle

                                                  Used in the Rhodesian bush war

This rifle has come from the estate of a Former North Rhodesian Soldier

This rifle has come from the estate of a former North Rhodesian Soldier who moved to the UK in 1997 after his family lost there farm in Southern Rhodesian in the mid 1990's    (confiscated by Robert Mugabe  Zimbabwe Government).

The rifles has import proof stamp with a date of 1998 and has been in the same ownership since the late 1980's. 

We understand that the family move to South Africa once their Farm was confiscated by Robert Mugabe.


RA (Rhodesian Army)    001 (Serial number)   M (Military)

NB    All Rhodesian Army weapons were either marked RA or RM   all South African supplied weapons were wiped of all markings including serial numbers ect

The Rifle:      Fazakerley Number 4 Mk2    dated  1955    Pre fix   UF

The Barrel:    SPORTSCO  7.62 x 51 Heavy barrel 


For those that don't know Sportsco, Sportsco was an Austrian Gun Company that exported rifles and gun barrels to the Rhodesia pre UDI ( Sportsco closed down in 1980)


In Pre UDI Rhodesia, Rhodesia was a large client of Sportsco Austrian Gun Company and after UDI to get around the Australian export embargo to Rhodesia, Sportsco shipped through South Africa and then through South Africa Agents to Rhodesia.

The Scope:   Pecar Berlin    4 x 10 x 45   (same as the Enforcer) and were 

                           imported via a German Import agent in South Africa


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