Genuine Rhodesian Army 

    Selous Scouts Regiment Sniper Rifle and was used in the Rhodesian bush war

The Selous Scouts Regiment was the SAS of the Rhodesian Army and was the formed by  Captain R.F. (Ron) Reid-Daly, DMM, MBE  from all branches of the Rhodesian Security Forces and from the ranks of captured turned terrorists.  It received its orders from a co-ordinating committee made up from all the service and intelligence agencies. 


Its Sniper teams (always working in two's) were given high value targets from the intelligence agencies. 


After the fiasco of the L8A1 Number 4 Mark 2   7.62 Sniper Program and the inability of RASF Enfield to develop a 7.62 Sniper rifle that could hit anything, the whole L8A1 Sniper program was scrapped.



But 8,000 miles away in a former small corner of The British Colonial Empire others were have much better luck,   in fact this ex British Colonial had developed a 7.62 Sniper rifle based on the very same Receiver actions that the L8A1 was based on.  The Number 4 Mark 2 action but this rifle worked and was proving it worth in a real war .


Southern Rhodesia had been in a bitter bush war against the Russian backed Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) and the Chinese backed Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU)  ever since going UDI from the UK  in late 1964 . 


Nine years before Southern Rhodesia broken from away from the British Empire and claimed independence, a large batch of UF54's and a few UF55's No4 Mk2's were delivered to Southern Rhodesia main Armoury just outside Salisbury direct from RASF Factory 'Fazakerley'  near Liverpool.


 In early 1970's the Rhodesia Army needed Sniper Rifles to combat the Russian backed ZAPU and to a lessor extent ZANU which were equipped Russian and Chinese sniper rifles      but due to the UN and UK embargo of Rhodesia,  no international Arms company would touch them. The decision was made to build there own Sniper rifles with the help of South African Government.


At the time 45% of the Rhodesian Army were ex- British Army service men including ex -British Army armoury's and ex- British RASF employees living or worked in Rhodesian .


The basic idea was to convert some of those UF54 -55 Service Rifles that were in Salisbury Central Armoury into Sniper rifles. 

The Scopes and mounts were sourced from a German import agent in South Africa who main income was suppling the wide game hunting industry with high quality scopes. 

The big stumbling block was a supply of good high quality 7.62 rifle barrels as everything else could be sourced from either Central stores in Salisbury or in South Africa including the scopes.


Sportco was an Australian manufacturer of 7.62 Target Barrels based in Adelaid,  South Australia until the early 1980s.  It was small Arms company that never quite made it, when an order for 7.62 heavy target barrels came in from a South African wide game dealer,  Sportco took the order and the bait !

Little did they know there were entering the murky world of Sanctions busting,  the barrel were shipped to the South African Wide game dealer and from there by road to the main armour in Salisbury.   Unlike RASF Enfield ,  the ex British Military armours in Salisbury built and field tested there No4 Mk2 Sniper Rifles with the Elite Selous Scouts regiment and were used right up to the demise of Rhodesian.





























                Lee Enfield  Number 4 Mark 2  UF55 (1955) fitted with a Sportco  7.62  Target barrel



               Pecar Berlin 4-10 x 45     (the same as fitted to the Lee Enfield Enforcer)                                             










On August 9, 1978 Southern Rhodesia was air brushed  from History and as the sun went down over Rhodesia for the last time, the final Sunset of The British Empire in Africa had come.


On the 15 August 1978  9,000 miles away Reuters reported that a party was being held at the Kremlin to celebrate the Soviet Union first strategic hold in Africa.


Unlike the British Empire,  the Soviet Union never capitalised on there gains, never seeing the strategic importance that Zimbabwe hailed.  


The British Government was glad to see the back of  Southern Rhodesia  but without the development done by the Selous Scouts Sniper rifle program Southern Rhodesia would have lost a great asset and maybe the succumb to its fate much earlier.

Robert Mugabe Russian backed Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) took control after the interim Government with the Chinese backed Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) collapsed.  

Zimbabwe went into free fall as the Russian backed Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) took over all the commercial farms and went to a Soviet style central controlled farming system. 

                                      That never worked for the Soviets either




RA (Rhodesian Army)    001 (Serial number)   M (Military)

NB    All Rhodesian Army weapons were either marked RA or RM   all South African supplied weapons were wiped of all markings including serial numbers ect

The Rifle

The scope

The End Game

Captain R.F. (Ron) Reid-Daly

Selous Scouts Regiment

The events leading up to the  Selous Scouts Regiment Sniper program

Robert Mugabe Russian backed Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) .

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