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Notice of Suspicious Email on Deactivated Weapons

Please Note:

                     As registered Firearms dealer we are required by State Law


Report any person or person's that's email behaviour on the legal state of deactivated weapons may compromised that legal state.

 To report to Sussex Firearms department any suspicious emails 

on requests on the following information:

                                  Chambering of ammunition into a deactivated  weapon

                                              Any reactivation of any deactivated weapon 

                                              The condition of a bolt face and bolt

                                              The condition of the barrel


        Any request for information that may compromise the 1968 Firearms Act



We will request that  ALL emails to '' stop immediately but if the email or emails  continue we will pass on all information including emails to Law Enforcement without notice.

                                        Warning Notice

               That if you contact us again we will your pass information 


     Sussex Firearms Department and other Law Enforcement Agency's   


                                                   Without Notice

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