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WW2  Colt 1911A1  1942   Remington Rand  45acp    'U.S  ARMY ' Stamped

                                                    Pre 95 Spec   

                               Fully Dry firing and totally Strippable  

                                           with its original holster 

Unbelievably rare these days and just come onto the Market,  this pre 95  WW2  'U.S Army' stamped Colt 1911.


Manufactured by Remington Rand in 1942,  it comes with its original dated holster as well.

                 This WW2 Colt 1911 has been deactivated very sympathetically indeed

Very nice original war condition Colt 1911 , no attempt has been made to bling it up.

         Fully marked  'U.S. Army' and 'United States Property'

                                            S/n 955574

Below is the original dated holster 

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2014-01-01 00.01.29.jpg

This has full U.S Army markings, see above and below

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The action on this Colt 1911 is very smooth,  the deactivation was done with care.

        This is a very rare item to come onto the Market in this condition