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WW2  Walther P38    9mm   Dated   1943  Nazi marked

                     Walther factory code  ac  359 

       The P38 was developed by Carl Walther in 1938. The first weapons produced for the German army were marked with the Walther banner on the slide but by early 1940 this was removed and all War production factories were issued with a factory code .


      This 1943 has the  Walther Nazi factory code ac with the Waffen factory code 359 to indicate the manufacturer was Walther 

     During the Nazi-regime 584.500 P38 pistols were produced by the Carl Walther plant in Zella Mehlis.         

     The inspection stamp (Waffenamt) has the Walther inspection stamp consisted of an eagle above the number 359 .

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     This 1943 Walther  P38 was deactivated in 1997 and is fully strippable and dry firing.  The serial number is 2334  g ,  the g indicates the month of manufacture and in this case it is late March 1943. 

    This Walther P38 is all common numbered and all the Waffern stamps are 359 are matching.  The magazine is numbered 4424 g. 

     Overall this a nice WW2 1943 in original war condition and has a smooth dry firing action.