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  Genuine WW2 Maltby  Number 4T  Sniper Rifle dated 1942   .303

                       Deactivated by Worldwide Arms in 1985

                                Dry firing and fully strippable                           

This is one of the first ever deactivated weapons passed by the Birmingham proof house.

    This WW2  Number 4T .303 Sniper Rifles was manufactured at the Government Ordnance factory  R.O.F. Maltby in 1942.

   This rifle is fitted with its original No32 Mk1 scope and Scope mount and is common numbered .  The production of Number 4T Snipe rifle was very limited and by mid 1943 production of the Number 4T Sniper program had moved to BSA Shirley , Birmingham. 

   This rifle has all the markings and factory stamps and below we have photograph all the original stamps and markings.  

   The rifle came without scope covers as to protect the optics we have fitted a repro scope cover as the original scope cover are very rare to find. 


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In WW2 all war production factory were given a 'war code'  and in the case of Number 4's the serial number also used to identify the Factory that manufactured it.

The two Government factories Maltby and Fazakerley were give the pre-fix 1

1 (for ROF Maltby) and  2 for (ROF Fazakerley )  and the private owned company BSA & Co was give 3 as its serial number prefix.  

As you can see from the photo below the prefix serial number starts with a 1 for ROF Maltby, also the date in important as ROF Maltby only manufactured Number 4's from mid 1942 to mid 1943 and this rifle is dated 1942.

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  The other marking is a TR which stands for Telescopic Rifle and above that is the deactivation stamp for 1985.

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On the receiver is stamped a roman 'T' for telescope, the marking No4 Mk1 is the model number. On this deactivated rifle the ejection screw has been removed.

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The 'S' has been stamped onto the receiver for rear sight modification and below the number on the rear butt cannot be matched


The number on the scope bracket does match the Rifle serial number

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                                               Below 'The other side'

Match scope bracket number 104 with no letter prefix as this was a early conversion by ROF Maltby

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    S51 is the war code for Holland & Holland and must at sometime gone to Holland and Holland but after ROF Maltby had manufactured it .  Maybe a refurbishment .

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Below is the Factory Stamps for this N32 Mk1 scope

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2014-01-01 00.40.12.jpg

         We have photo every number or part of this Number 4T for your inspection. 


ROF Maltby No4T's are very rare so were cannot do any comparison with the later BSA M47c  Shirley built No4T's as the later manufactured BSA No4T 's went to Holland & Holland to have there scope fitted,  where as ROF Maltby did not. 

As you would expect there are no Holland & Holland acceptance stamp on the rear of the upper receiver.  The sling looks an original Number 4T  (1903) and is worn with age. 

        This is the earliest deactivated gun we have ever had,  in late 1985 was the date when the proofing laws changed in the UK  and deactivate weapon were permitted to be sold in there own right.  Before that there were classed as Section one firearms