Number 4 Mark 2   .303     Dated  1957


Just come out of a large Lee Enfield collection and the condition and looks is almost new,   the last and only owner  we understand purchased it from new.

Manufactured at Fazakerley in 1957 after the factory had long stopped production . From the stand point of a collector 1957 was a strange year.   That is that all Lee Enfield rifle Number 4 Mark 2  .303  production stopped in 1955 !  


This was to re-tool the factory for the new SLR L1A1 Rifle that had been approved as the replacement of the Lee Enfield bolt action rifle in 1953. 

By 1957 all  Lee Enfield Number 4  tooling and plant machines were at Liverpool docks in shipping containers ready to be shipped to the new  Pakistan Ordnance Factories at Punjab.  We understand there was over 140 shipping containers that were shipped from Liverpool to the Pakistan Docks at Karachi in mid to late 1957.   

Pakistan Ordnance Factories did manufacture the Number 4 Mark 2 at the main rifle plant at Punjab until 1966 when production stopped and by all accounts they were very good rifles.

We understand that by 1957 things were very bad at the Fazakerley plant and its long running problem with its work force came to a head.  We understand that in late  1956 the factory was ordered to use up all its parts and to make as many rifles as possible and any parts left over were sent to central stores. 

We believe that this rifle was built from parts from the 1955 production run as there is no way you can buld a rifle without tooling or machines and they were on Liverpool docks by that time.

In April 1960 the Government announced in parliament that by July 1960 the Fazakerley Rifle plant at Liverpool was to shut.  In July 1960 Fazakerley rifle plant was closed down.