Enfield Number 1 Mk1***  1905  Sht-LE    .303    Service Rifle

Manufactured at Enfield Lock in 1905 as No1 Mk1* .303 British Service rifle has seen service in Royal Navy Service as a 'N' stamped on the left hand side of the receiver indicates naval service.


In 1912 this rifle was up graded to British Land Army conversion Mk***  ( this was to convert from Mark VI to Mark VII ammunition ). The whole up-grade program not only up-graded the No1 Mk1 SMLE's but also Long Lee Enfield as well. 

The new mark VII ammunition was to play a very important part in WW1 Trench warfare and  the result was the 174-grain Mark VII bullet, a flatbase Spitzer FMJ that allowed about 2,450 fps.

 This rifle never went though the un-grade program from floating charge to the fixed charge bridge system used in the No1 Mk3 SMLE.  Maybe as it was at sea for long periods of time and missed this up-grade.  The Royal Navy did up-grade the No1 Mk1 to Mk1** (fixed charger Bridge) but this rifle was never up-graded to Mk1** but went straight to Mk1*** status.

This rifle is fitted with the very early cocking pieces used on the original pure No1 Mk1's .  The rear sight body is Mk1*** type set for MkVII ammo (as part of the up-grade).

This rifle has a very good barrel with very little wear and does give a very good grouping even at 600 yards. 


            You can see the very early cocking piece

Below : The floating Charge system

Only in production for just over three years