WW2 BSA Number 4T  Sniper Rifle  .303   1944

    Fitted with the original matching No32 Scope MkIII

                       Holland and Holland  Stamped 

  This WW2 Number 4T has just come out of a large collection of Lee Enfield Rifles,  we understand this rifle has been in the same ownership for many years.

   We have test shot this rifle,  the grouping at 75 yards was good ( 4'' group)  but due to Coved 19 restriction we have not abler to tested this rifle at any long distance as all military ranges are still shut.   All rifle numbers are common and all scope numbers are common.


  This rifle came without any Number 32 scope protector so we have purchased a replacement non original scope cover to protect the optics.  The No32 MkIII optics are in great condition and are fully working with a very clear sight picture. It is fitted with the best and latest and most desirable Number 32 MkIII Scope also dated 1944.

   Below are all the necessary photos of all the marking on the rifle,  we are making a big assumption that anyone who is willing to paying out £7,300.00 for this rifle knows there stuff and fully understand all the marking, stamps ect.

      The sling is a leather 1903 type as fitted to all Number 4T's during WW2


The sight mounting screws have been staked in the correct manner.

Above is the WW2 Factory war code M47 for BSA  Shirley

Above is the Holland & Holland  'S' stamp for front and rear sight alignment

Stamped on rear of receiver is the Holland & Holland stamp.   Stamped on the wood wrist is the Number 32 MkllI number

Above is a worn rifle serial number

Above is a worn S51 Stamp on the butt 

Above is a faint rifle number stamp on magazine

Above all the marking on the scope can be full seen also on the other side of the clamps is the number Y211 on both top and bottom clamp.

                  Below is the Number 32 MkIII Scope original tin

      The overall condition is good, the wood is in good condition some items like its original sling may need a bit of leather soap.

      This rifle is now 77 years old and a great bit of WW2 History.



Walting Export permit


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