1905 Number 1 Mark 1**** Enfield SMLE  .303

The Number 1 Mark 1 serials of Lee Enfield rifles are by far the rarest version of all the Short , Magazine , Lee Enfield rifles. 

This version was only in production for three and half years from 1904 -1907 and was by far the most expensive full production Lee Enfield ever to be put into full production.

This rifle is a Number 1 Mark 1***  British Army Land Conversion and was set up for the new Mark VII  .303 ammunition.  The conversion from Mark VI to Mark VII .303 required modification to the rear sight base and feed tray. 


The rifle has an excellent barrel and it groups well,  the floating charger bridge  this was a unique feature also the rear sight has micro adjustment as well as full windage adjustment. The Number 1 Mark1's saw extended service in WW1 and later WW2. 


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