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WW2  Number 4T  British Army  Sniper Rifle   dated 1945

                        Complete CES Transit case 

                     Fitted with Number 32 Mk3  Scope    

This has come out of the  'Hans Günter Collection'

     This WW2 BSA Number 4T was manufactured at the Shirley Factory near Birmingham in 1945.  This Number 4T  .303  British Army Sniper rifle has just been release by the 'Hans Günter Collection'.  

     This is a very rare 1945 dated Number 4T  and is fitted with its original Number 32 Mk3 Scope.  serial no OS.2039A Cts No 19631 and transit case.

      The Number 4T comes with its complete CES Transit case and all its accessories , spotting scope, 1903 sling and the No32 scope case.


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   The numbers on the scope mount are  097 upper and lower and 098 upper and lower.   The is a small S stamped on the receiver where the bolt head is. This is to indicate that this rifle tested with it scope.

                            This rifle is fitted with the correct bolt for this platform.

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This original N32 Mk3 scope is fully marked with its own serial number

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The scope mount has the number V38183 which is also this rifles serial number.  The leather scope covers look original but there is no way of telling.

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    One the left hand side of the receiver there is a very faint stamp also the rifle hand side also looks like a stamp as well,  but is also too faint to read.

                                  The bolt is common numbered to the rifle.

                         The butt number is common to the No32 Mk3 scope

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We understand that the Tin leather straps are a replacement 

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The tin is fully marked up and the label on the right looks very original

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The CES Transit case has age to it 

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    The Transit case leather straps still hold the transit case but they are fragile 

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                                               Below:  Original Transit case

Very easy to see this is a genuine transit case as Reproduction do not have the wood on the ends on the transit case,  but just one piece of wood instead.

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     Overall this is a very nice clean No4T with its original CES Transit case,  this rifle is finished in English walnut.  We understand this has been in the same ownership for over 30 plus years .

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