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Stunning WW2  German Mp40   dated 1942  fully  Waffern stamped

        This is a stunning  German Nazi manufactured 1942  MP40  still with its original fully blue finish,  deactivated in 1989 and is fully stippable.

       With the WW2 German war code  BNZ  828 for the Steyr factory in 1942. The MP-40 SMGs were highly prized as war trophies during WWII and are even more desirable today. Historically these have been called a "Schmeisser" due to the allies misconceptions of the origins of the design; however, they were actually identified by the Germans as a "Machine Pistol" hence the "MP" model designation based on the fact that they fired a 9mm Parabellum cartridge.


       They are a blow-back weapon that fires from an open bolt at a cyclic rate of approximately 500 rpm. They were produced by three primary companies (Steyr, Erma, and C. G. Haenel) from 1940 through late 1945.


       They used numerous subcontracted parts to help speed up production, allowing over 1 million MP-40s to be produced before the end of the war.


       This is an early production model that is marked on the rear receiver cap: "MP 40/bnz 42". 

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This MP40 has been sympathetically deactivated 

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The k after the serial number is for the first two weeks in June 1942

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This is a very good excample of a very rare and very early deactivation of a MP40 , the condition of this MP40 is high sort after by the top collectors.