Daimler Bren Gun Mk2   dated 1944      factory war code M67

This Daimler Mark 2 Bren Gun was manufactured under the umbrella Company 'Monotype Group' .   By the time the Mark 2 Bren Gun was approved by the Small Arms Committee in late 1942 all the Major UK Arms Factories had been battered by the Luftwaffe.   

BSA Small Heath Factory, Birmingham  took a direct hit in 1941 and RSAF Enfield was damaged by incendiary.   The only way to build the next generation of Bren guns was to used sub-contractors and lots of them.  The Major Players were the Climax Rock Drill Co as well as Daimler cars, Hercules Cycles  plus many more.  

This Daimler M67 Bren gun is in great condition and has matching numbers, it is Dry firing and can be stripped for cleaning.