WW2  Mg34  Machine Gun  dated 1941

       manufactured by   Altmaerkische Kettenwerke GmbH, Werk II, Berlin-Tegel

                            Early Old Spec    Dry Firing and field strippable

This is a very nice and clean Mg34 manufactured in 1941 in Berlin by Altmaerkische Kettenwerke GmbH, Werk II, Berlin-Tegel as part of the German war effort.

This Mg34 is fully dry firing belt fed machine gun and can be field stripped and has been sympathetically deactivated.


The Mg34 was adopted in 1934 by the Nazi after extensive trials with prototypes,  it stayed in production until 1945. 

                        German Factory Code:   cra

   ALKETT - Altmaerkische Kettenwerke GmbH, Werk II, Berlin-Tegel

   (renamed MAGET - Maschinenbau und Geraetebau GmbH 1942-43)

Below is the Factory code  'cra' and the date 1941

there are Waffen factory inspection stamps and also the serial number of the Machine gun

On the rear butt stock are more waffen

inspection stamps and the serial number

Below :  Very clean Mg34 in very good order