Mauser G98  Dated 1908

Manufactured in 1908, this is a fine example of the Mauser Gewehr 98 service rifle as made by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken. While produced in sizeable quantity up to and during WW1.


The G98s, were heavily used and abused in the trenches, and the survivors were sold as scrap as part of the surrender agreement with the British also a vast amount were also dumped on the export market.


Blade front and "ski ramp" tangent rear sights, with the manufacturer and date markings on the receiver ring, Gothic lettered "Gew.98." on the receiver wall and matching serial number on the barrel and receiver. 

This rifle has an un-blued receiver and is 100%  original finish, the G98 were never blued on the receiver only after WW1 did the excess surplus get blued by others. 

With some mild spotting and handling marks overall. The front barrel band has spotting and light pitting. The receiver and bolt are bright overall, with some spotting and wear. Mechanically excellent if  110 years old.

The curved bolt we are told was used at this time on Sniper Rifle but there is no evidence

that this was ever used as a Sniper rifle.