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    Hungarian - Femaru M37 WW2  Nazi Luftwaffe    Cal 7.65

           Very rare Original complete with two Matching Mags

                               Fully Strippable & Dry Firing

       In November 1940 Hungary signed the Tripartite Pact with Germany, and in June 1941 the Hungarian Army officially entered the war as an axis power.


      This is a Nazi Luftwaffe 1941 dated Femaru  cal 7.65 semi automatic pistol and was very much liked by the  Luftwaffe  crew's during WW2.   This is a very easy to use and to strip down which made this a very loved Luftwaffe issued pistol.

    One of weapons was the standard Hungarian M37, 7.65mm pistol. In 1887 the Hungarian government established the  (Arms and Machinery Company Limited), in Budapest to manufacture weapons for the Hungarian Army.


    In 1937 a further reworking of the M29 resulted in the introduction of the 7.65mm M37 pistol which would become the standard Hungarian army issue pistol during WWII.


    The Hungarian was contracted to produce several thousand M37 pistols for the Luftwaffe during WWII with the modification of a manual safety switch to the left hand side.



   When issued the pistols came accompanied with a holster and this example is a German manufactured model and this Femaru M37 has a faded Nazi Eagle on the top slide and a Waffern Waa 68 on the lower receiver. 

   This Femaru M37 also has the Nazi war factory code j.h.v and the date stamp   41  for (1941).

    This Femaru M37 also has two matching magazines which is extremely rare these days to find.

        Both magazines are common numbered to 61368 on the finger extension on the base , the m37 pistol serial number is 17948.

      This is a fully dry firing and totally strippable Pistol as you can see in the photos. 

             Smooth, molded, brown leather construction holster with alloy fittings features a fold over top flap with a horizontal stitched seam/hinge to the reverse and a stud to the obverse.

             The front, left side, body of the holster has a vertical closure strap with a single stud eyelet secured in place by a rectangular swivel metal ring. The closure strap was designed to affix to the stud on the top flap for a secure closure. The right side forward edge of the holster body has a vertical, stitched on, spare magazine pocket.


              Both the obverse and reverse bottom tip of the holster has an inserted grommet. The holster has a unique belt loop attachment consisting of two vertical straps machined stitched to the reverse, running over the top flap and stitched to the interior of the obverse, which secures a wide, horizontal, sliding belt loop.


            The interior of the top flap is well marked "Nur für Pistole 37M (Ung) Kal. 7,65 mm", (Only for Pistol Model 37 (Hungarian) Caliber 7.65mm).


       Maker marked "cdc 42" for Kern, Kläger & Cie. Lederwaren of Berlin in 1942.

                            Nice Luftwaffe waffen-amt marking. Superb condition

 HUNGARIAN M37(u) PISTOL HOLSTER. (Pistolentaschen M37

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