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Genuine M1D Garand 3006 Sniper rifle, one of 1000 ordered Danish Government 1953. 

                               New barrel fitted to comply with UK firearms law.

      In 1952 the US Springfield Company won the contract to supply 10,000 M1 Garands and 1,000 M1D Sniper rifles to the Danish Army.

      Springfield sub-contracted the Danish contract to its Italian subsidiry company to manufacture the M1 Garands.

      This rifle was one of 1,000 M1D 30 06 Sniper rifles in that  original 1952 contract, in the early 2000's the Danish Govenment replaced there inventory of M1 Garands with more modern NATO standard rifles. 

       The Danish had started to rebarrel their  3006 M1 Garands to NATO Standard 7.62 but in the end it was chearper to buy new NATO Stock than rebarred old 1952 M1 Garands.

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      This M1D Garand Sniper rifle is fitted with a Genuine Original M84 Scope and mount as the MID has a different barrel profile from a standard M1 Garand.   You cannot fit a genuine M1D Scope mount on a standard M1 Garand,  it will not fit as the M1D has a different barrel profile.  

    This M1D was rebuilt and rebarrel from parts kits aboard and imported into the UK as a section one firearm.  



Please make sure all your export and importation paperwork is in place and CORRECT before purchasing the item


Northern Ireland

We will ship to Northern Ireland if we can as Northern Ireland is part of the UK


                   This Rifle can be exported into ANY EU  27 Member states

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     This Rifle can be imported  into the United States as once a US Military weapon has left the US as a 'gift' and cannot be re-imported back into the United States. 

             This rifle never manufactured in the USA so it can be imported into the USA.

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