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WW2  Springfield Garand  dated 1942 converted to M1D Sniper Rifle

      This WW2 Garand was manufactured at the Springfield plant, Massachusetts in October 1942 and was later converted to a M1D Sniper Rifle.  Converted to a Sniper rifle the M1D and fitted with the new barrel and M84 Scope for the Korean War.


      It has just come out of a large military collection and has been in the same ownership since 1987.

      This is a 100% Original military M1D Garand Sniper rifle but it started life at the Springfield factory in October 1942  as a standard service rifle.  After the end of WW2 it returned to the USA and was either put into War Reserve or maybe stayed in service with a unit.

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To date any US Service rifle whether it is a 1903 Springfield or M1 Carbine and in this case a M1 Garand it is by the serial number stamped on the upper receiver.

This M1D Garand has the serial number 920634 which dates it to October 1942 later on it was fitted with the new M84 Scope for use as a sniper rifle and more than likely late in the Korean War.

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This is a fully functioning M1D Garand and can be dry fired and field stripped and has been Sympathetically deactivated.  

Below are all the photos we have taken,   M1 Garand collectors will find all the information about this rifle they need.   

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The US Army ordered 14,325 M1D Garands in 1951, but it was not until 1953 that they were issued to units in Korean in the later part of the war.


This was due to a new barrel had to be fitted to the M1 Garands for a scope mount to be fitted.  The barrel on a M1D needed to be machined at the factory before mounting a scope.


After the Korean war was over the US Government gave a vast quantity of surplus rifles to the Korean Army.

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Enter Sam Cumming

           Most readers know all about Sam Cumming (Interarms) he was a international US Arms dealer who's company was called ' Interarms' the company was based in South Manchester, England.

          During the 1950's until the late 1980's his company had a finger in most pie's.


          Around 1981 Interarms purchased a very large quantity of surplus military firearms from the South Korean government ( mostly M1 Garands, M1 Carbines ext) and had them shipped to his UK operations as they were a banned import into the US.


          He was under no illusion that as theses firearm were 'gifted' by the US Government and could never enter the USA .


          Most of his surplus was sold around the world to various Governments, it is almost certain that this rifle was imported by Interarms into the UK and never left.


                                                       Deactivated in 1987

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Please make sure all your export and importation paperwork is in place and CORRECT before purchasing the item


Northern Ireland

We will ship to Northern Ireland if we can as Northern Ireland is part of the UK, but since Northern Ireland is still under the Jack boot of the EU,  it is highly likely that any shipment would confiscated by the EU boarder guards who appear to control the board between the UK and Northern Ireland.


                  This Rifle cannot be exported into ANY EU  27 Member states

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This Rifle cannot be re-imported back into the United States as once a US Military weapon has left the US as a 'gift' and cannot be re-imported back into the United States