WW2  Very rare 1943  M1 Carbine manufacturer  

                        National Postal Meter

         Pre 95 Spec  Dry Firing &  Strippable

 WW2 US M1 carbine manufactured by National Postal Meter.  Unlike General Motors 'Inland'  who produced huge quantities of the M1, National Postal Meter manufactured in very low numbers, around 410,000 carbines.

National Postal Meter was one of ten manufactures of the M1 Carbine and by far the smallest in size and in product output.

This was in the final batch of 1943. Serial numbers ran from 4075010 to 4432099 and has all the correct wood including the two rivet top wood  and the correct wartime rear flip over sight.

Full and clear serial number

A rare opportunely to own a very rare M1 Carbine in 100%

original condition 



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