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WW2  Nazi Lugar  9mm  dated  1938   rare S/42  Factory code

                                  Fully matching numbers

                 UK Spec   Dry firing and Fully Strippable

     This is an absolute mint example of  pre WW2  1938 dated  Luger with the early Nazi factory code S/42 for Mauser-Werke AG, Oberndorf.

     It has all matching numbers and has a smooth dry firing action and is totally strippable.  

     Like all pre WW2 Lugers the quality of the engineering of this 1938 is of the highest standard.


  The waffern stamps WAa63 are clear and easy to read onthe side of the upper receiver for 1938-1939 manufacture also the Military proof stamp is nice and clear.


   It is remarkable the condition of the original factory blueing considering it went though the whole of WW2.


The holster is dated 1936 and stampped 'Wilhelmbrand Heidelberg 


           This 1938  S/42  Pre WW2 Luger manufactured at a time of high quality German engineering. 


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