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WW1  German Luger DWM   9mm  dated 1918

   This fully matching numbered WW1 Luger was manufactured in Berlin at the

DWM Mauser Factory in 1918 and has a full set of  Imperial German proof stamps.  


  This is a fully strippable Luger Pistol and was deactivated in 1992 at the London Proof house and is to pre 95 spec .

2014-01-01 00.05.00.jpg

  Manufactured at DWM Mausers Berlin Factory during the last year of the Great War.  This lovely Luger Pistol has fully matching numbers including the magazine and hand grips.

2014-01-01 00.04.11.jpg

          This is a very good example of a WW1 Luger sidearm used by Germany officers during the Great War.


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