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           WW1 Imperial German Army DWM Lugar PO8 Pistol  9mm   

       Dated 1916 complete with two matching numbered magazines 

          Original dated 1918  'Hans Romer-Neu Ulm' Lugar Holster . 

      This is the first time we have ever had for sale a WW1 PO8 Lugar and comes with both its issued original matching  magazines.  

  This  1916 PO8 Lugar was manufactured by DWM  ( Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken ) at DWM  factory at Karlsruhe, which is on the German/ French boarder.

   In 1908, the Imperial German Army adopted the DWM  9mm Parabellum as its front line service pistol as its officer's sidearm.   During WW1 over 2 million  PO8 Lugar's were manufactured from 1914 to 1918 and production only finally stopped in late 1942.  It was finally replaced by the Walther P38 in 1942 . 


    It is true the Walther P38 was in full production by 1939 but making enough P38's to supply the whole German Army and Luftwaffe takes time.

  The WW1 German officers PO8 Lugar service pistol was issued with two magazines,  a holster plus a service tool to maintain the gun and cleaning rod,  it was a very reliable pistol. 


                 As you can see from the photos below this WW1 Lugar is fully strippable 

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The finish on this is just great, nice and original, this type of finish cannot be reproduced.

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Below:  The inside is in great condition for a 105 year old Lugar.

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Below:  Fully marked components 

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Hans Romer-Neu Ulm Holster date 1918


 As you can see from the photo this original 1918 dated Holster has the manufactures name stamped on the back  kernklager & cie with the date  1918 .

    Under the dated stamp for 1918 the is a stamp Neu-UlM  which is the capital of the Neu-Ulm district in Bavaria, Germany. 

    This  German Luger Holster was made by Hans Romer-Neu Ulm and on the back of the holster there is a crown with a letter I under it.   The Crown is a Saxon crown for Bavaria and Hans-Romer worked in Bavaria and continued to manufacturing holsters well into WW2.


   There is a vast amount on information on  Hans Romer-Neu Ulm Holsters and these holsters are very highly collectible in there own right,  they are regarded by collectors as the best German holster ever made and do fetch a high price in the right auction house's.

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   When we first received this Lugar,  the spare magazine must have been this this holster for a very long time.  

   What we think might have happened is that at sometime during 1918 the owner of this Lugar must have found this holster on the battlefield and because it was better his or he did not have one and just picked it up.   Maybe he just lifted it from someone for the same reason, no one will know.

   We could have separated the  Lugar and holster to make more money,  but we think it is more important to keep them together as a complete set.