The London Small Arms Company Ltd was a British Arms Manufacturer from the years 1866-1935.

and this very good and last Full  pure Mark lll Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle made, chambered in .303. These rifles are instantly recognisable for their classic blunt nosed profile



                                      ”The Kings crown /  G.R / LSA / 1917 /SHT L.E. / III



               Lovely walnut finish Ten round magazine. Magazine cut off as standard. Great bore. Standard butt fitted. 

               The rear sight is graduated from 200 to 2000 yards and on the reverse face of the rear sight has a cleverly cross-hatched surface and vertical central line to aid with aim and cut down the glare. This kind of detail was not to be included on military arms from this period henceforth.  

            The rear sight protectors are the correct dished type.  This SMLE has a standard detachable 10 shot magazine and two sling swivels and a stacking swivel.  Bayonet fitting on the underside of the front cap which has the sight protector ears on top

            Based in Tower Hamlets, London, London Small Arms Co. Ltd (LSA Co) was formed in an effort to compete against the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield by the gunsmiths who made up the London Armoury Company, which had gone out of business as a result of the end of the US Civil War.

Like their counterparts at BSA Co, LSA Co were contractors to the British Armed forces and produced many British Service Rifles- notably the Martini–Henry, Martini–Enfield, and Short Magazine Lee–Enfield rifles. They also produced a number of sporting arms and shotguns for the civilian market.

Unlike BSA and RSAF Enfield, however,


             LSA Co never managed to achieve high levels of production, preferring to focus on maintaining a greater level of workmanship on their firearms. Indeed, LSA Co guns are highly regarded by modern collectors of British military firearms because of their higher quality workmanship, which has led most of the existing and surviving LSA Co guns to be in (generally) better condition than their contemporaries from other manufacturers.

The London Small Arms Company Ltd was a British Arms Manufacturer from the years 1866-1935

             This is a rare opportunity to own an early SMLE, with a very good,  new South African barrel to assure good results on the range.  A piece of solidly built British Edwardian history. Who could have guessed what horrors this rifle may have been involed in, and what part of that hell would this rifle would pass through.  All you can do now is look after it – after all, it has survived thus far, which in itself, is quite an achievement




London Small Arms Number l Mklll manufactured  date 1917