WW1 Lithgow 1916 Number 1 Mk3 (H)  SMLE

       Converted in WW2 to Heavy Barrel Sniper Rifle

This lovely condition WW1 Lithgow dated 1916 was converted in the early 1940's to a Sniper rifle role. 

At the out break of WW2 Australia found itself too close to the Japanese who were getting ever closer. This part of the British Empire had never been equipped with any form of sniper rifle system other than a few British WW1 snipers that found there way to Australia. 


By 1942 the Japanese were starting to get too close so Australia prepared for a Japanese invasion.  Lithgow started to manufacture heavy profile barrel in the 1930's for target shooting but as war looked more likely and any good condition SMLE's  were selected for conversion to the heavy barrel  Sniper program. 

Australia had no production facilities for the production of telescopic scopes

but did have access to highly accurate targets sights used mainly for target shooting in the inter war years. 

These were the first approved Australian Sniper rifles and entered service straight away.  Later on manufacture of the WW1 Pattern 18 scope started in Australia and a sniper rifle as we know it today entered service.  

Above the 1916 Lithgow  SMLE date stamp

3rd Military district is stamped on the for knox the original rifle number has been crossed out and replaced  ( reason unknow).

  You can just see the 'H' for heavy barrel under the rear cover

Below is the Central aperture sight and is stamped            'Bisley works' and dates to the mid 1930's

This is not what these days people thing of as a Sniper rifles but in the early 1941 that was exactly what it was.


This would make an excellent competition rifle and bit of history to boot. 

                                        All common numbered


                                Exporting to Australia

Unfortunately Australia has become a very hard line anti firearm country and there  gun laws make it very hard for importation . 

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