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Guide Lamp Co. Liberator .45″ FP-45 Pistol
        UK Spec  Dry firing and Strippable
         Originally Found in a French barn

   This Liberator FP-45 pistol original found in France and had a French deactivation cert dating to 1986,  it was re-proofed by the London Proof house to UK Spec deactivation in 2015 and is fully dry firing and strippable.


Marks and Stamps

FWW  on barrel

45 ACP on barrel

127 on barrel serial number

Flaming bomb stamp on receiver (US Military acceptance stamp)

AN with crown stamp on barrel ( French deactivation stamp)

AN with crown stamped on top cover ( French deactivation stamp)

DA Stamp 15 (uk deactivation stamp on barrel)


     We understand this was found in a French barn after WW2 had just ended then in 1986 it was sent for deactivation at St Etienne Government Proof house. 

    We have the original St Etienne Government Proof house deactivation certificate  with the UK spec deactivation certificate and both will be sold with the pistol. 

     Very few were ever sent to France as the OSS never saw the practicality in mass dropping the Liberator over occupied Europe and only a handful were ever distributed.

         It was originally intended as an insurgency weapon to be mass dropped behind enemy lines to resistance fighters in occupied territory.


        The FP-45 Liberator was designed by US Army weapons designer John Hinds and the pistol was manufactured by Guide Lamp Company ( a Division of General Motors)  in Anderson, Indiana . 

         It was deigned for use by resistance forces in occupied territories by the US Government.

         The Liberator project took about 6 months in 1942 from conception to end of production with about 11 weeks of actual manufacturing time completed by just 300 Guide Lamp Company workers.

        The FP-45 was a crude, single-shot pistol designed to be cheaply and quickly mass produced. The Liberator had just 23 largely stamped and turned steel parts that were cheap and easy to manufacture. It fired a .45 calibre pistol cartridge from an unrifled barrel.

The 127 serial number on this pistol is a very low and was manufactured on the first day at the Guide Lamp Company of the 11 week production run.


                                                     Above and below

Guide Lamp Co. Liberator .45″ FP-45 Pistol is in fantastic condition


     This must be the rarest item we have ever put up for sale,  not only is it extremely rare but it is has the French connection as one of the very few that was dropped into France.    


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