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            Boar War British Army Officers Cavalry Carbine

 Officers Private purchase BSA & Co  Lee Speed .303 Carbine

            Fitted with very rare Shotgun type safely system

   This is a lovely example of an British Army Officers private purchase Cavalry Carbine fitted with a very rare Shot gun safety system.

    Most if not all British Army officer class were from wealthy land owners with hugh estates in the late 19th Century.  As an officer in the British Army it was your duty to purchase your own equipment which includes owning your own rifle.

    Most of these Wealthy land owners were used to game shooting on there vast estates using shot guns.   So when a very wealthy land owners needed to purchase his Military rifle,  he would have contacted either the 'Army & Navy Stores' or the officers department at BSA & Co. 

    In this case the former owner requested a Shot gun safety as that was what he was used to.   BSA & Co would build his rifle to what every requirement the wealthy owner asked for.   


   These wealthy officers needed to show status among other officer Class,  as in this case BSA & Co build only the best and to a very high standard. 



     A very rare shot gun safety was ordered for this rifle, this is a good indication that the owner was a wealthy land owner.



Only the best hand chequering on the butt and for end to add to its class .



 After 127 years the high quality metal finish is very clear to see   


   This BSA Lee Speed Military specification .303 rifle  was build around 1987 -88 and was fitted with a standard 1888 bayonet lug.  Fitted with its original 10 round magazine and was most than likely either a Cavalry or an Artillery Officer Carbine.


                       The workmanship on this rifle is of the highest standard   


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