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Lee Metford Mk1*  .22lr   1891 Trials rifle 'prototype 8 round magazine Rifle'

We understand this rifle has been in the same ownership for many years and appears to be a prototype Lee Metford Mk1* equip with its original 8 round magazine.

The original 8 round Magazine has had conversion work to .22LR magazine feed and the rifle has been extensively modified. 

We understand this rifle should have been broken up after testing and evaluation at the Enfield Factory in 1913 (barrel date).  The only reason was maybe that just a few a months later 28th July 1914  Germany declared war on Russia on 1 August and any 'projects' were halted at the Enfield factory. 

The rifle is common serial number 7281 with the original serial number barred out

1519.  There are no .22 conversion stamps on the left hand side of the receiver as this rifle was a test rifle so no need to stamp but instead factory inspection stamps.

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This rifle has been convert in a big way, a large extractor has been installed on to the left side of the receiver (see above) and the bolt has been heavenly modified to accommodate the .22 conversion.

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We test shot this rifle last night and it does work and has a good grouping at 50 yards.  It does appear that this rifle was a on going project.


Unfortunately the start of WW1 must have put a stop to any more testing and evaluation work at the factory and this rifle must have been put into storage.

The barrel is dated 1913 and is soiled and not sleeved and is fitted with Number 1 Mklll rear sight.  The receiver has been modified with the installation of a Number 1 Mklll safety. 

After we received this rifle from the last owner we handed this rifle over to one of the counties top gunsmiths to do an in depth examination of this rifle. 


                     'In his view all the parts dated from the early part of the 20th century

i.e type of metal and milling of parts and in his opinion this rifle was a test rifle and was never intended to leave the factory.'  

                             This rifle has been proofed by the London proof house

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Above:  The V.R Stamp for Queen Victoria which the Enfield factory stamp.

               Dated 1890 and is a Mk1*.

Below:    The butt has a Birmingham cartouche with a British Army broad 

                arrow.  As there is a broad arrow in the cartouche this must be 

                from  R.S.A.F Sparkbrook who had its factory in Birmingham.

           We have no idea of what S.A.S stamped on the stock disc means and will need further investigation by the new owner.

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Below:  The original 8 round magazine has been heavily modified

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General Summing up:   This is a very unusually rifle, due to the amount of                                                 work in its modifications to convert a single shot rifle                                           into a magazine feed rifle.  All the parts are from 1900                                           but no later than 1915.   

                   Its true history will never be known as that is lost to time


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£1150.00  /  $1,400.00


 This is a pre 1899 Rifle and requires no Licence in the  USA

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