WW1  Maxim  8mm nine cylinder revolver  

This German made Maxim 1893 revolver which has a 9 shot capacity and  is chambered in Austro-Hungarian Empire 8mm Gasser.   This is of  German manufacture as Austro-Hungarian were the only user of 8mm Gasser apart from  Italy and Kingdom of Yugoslavia did have a few but in very low numbers. 

During WW1 the 8mm Maxim was used as a second line defence by the Austro-Hungarian Army,  it also did see service with the Imperial German Army behind the lines on the western front but in very limited numbers. 

This German design that features a distinctive hemmed barrel and fluted cylinder walls. The serial number 103 is found on the lower part of the revolver.  Deactivated but with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired.


The trigger return spring has lost a bit of tension,  but the dry firing is fine.  This is a rare pre WW1 revolver and is not expensive unlike the Lugar or C96.