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  L42A1 British Army Sniper Rifle  7.62   Enfield   dated 1975

        Fitted with its original number 32 mark 3 Metric scope 

          Original BSA Number 4T  serial number and date 1944

                               Original sling and scope covers                            

   This is a nice looking British Army L42A1 7.62 Nato Sniper rifle, it was manufactured in 1975 at the Enfield factory from the parts of the WW2 Number 4T  303 Sniper rifle.  

   This rifle has its original sling and covers and is common numbered correctly, under the butt it has a very faint S51 Stamp which was impossible to photograph,  it was so faint.  The front of the underside for end also has stamped the rifle number but again very faint stamp. 

  During the late 1960's there was a requirement for a modern accurate British Army Sniper rifle and the L42A1 was the result.  The job was left to the Enfield factory to converted the WW2 Number 4T .303 sniper rifle to NATO 7.62 with a new heavy barrel and converted the Number 32 Mk3 sights to metric and they selected only the best Number 4T's for this conversion 

  The rifles service life was from 1970 to the first gulf war (1990), it had a bit of actions in 1982 Falklands War in South Georgia with the Royal Marines from 42 Commando having taking a shot at the Captain on the bridge of the ARA Guerrico,  a  type A69 Drummond-class corvette.


It also has to be said that the Royal Marines also used 84mm Carl Gustaf also on the corvette which had much more of a cyclonical impact on it's crew.  

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  The L42A1 was finally deployment was to the First Gulf war in Iraq and most of these came from BOAR (British Army of the Rhine) in Germany . Germany was the staging post for almost all deployment in the First Gulf war. 

The rear iron sight has the letters CR Stamped on the side which shows it was converted to 7.62 from 303.

The magazine is Enfield made and has the number H38307 Electro penciled into it  (the rifle number).

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On the No32 scope has the NATO Stock numbers,  on the scope bracket is 59 stamped on and 60 to make sure the bracket matched upper and lower bracket correctly.

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Original WW2 Scope details with the date 1944 stamped, barred out as it was convert to 7.62 metric.

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Scope bracket number matches the rifle also all the scope screws have been staked 

Original 19T Bolt head did not pass proof ,  so we replaced the Bolt head.   The 'S' stamped on the receiver is to indicated that the rifle has been matched to the Scope

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Correct Number 4 fitted with lighting hole

this is the same type as the No5 bolt.

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Scope number stamped on the outside of the butt, the inside of the butt has the rifle number.  No Holland and Holland stamp on left hand side of receiver .  Stamped on right had side is stamped 19T

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Military Electro Stencilled serial number of the rifle on the under the magazine.

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NATO Serial number for the L42A1 Magazine

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   The overall condition of this L42A1 is very good, some marking have gone faint with passing of time on the wood but all numbers can be still read.  



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Falklands War Package

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One   84mm Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifle...................................................................£  990.00

          As used on the ARA Guerrico  type A69 Drummond-class corvette

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One L42A1 7.62 Sniper Rifle  Section one (live as above).....................................£7,895.00

          As used on the ARA Guerrico  type A69 Drummond-class corvette