Early  Bren Gun Mark 1 Dove tail  1938    Enfield made

This is a rare early production Enfield manufactured "Dovetail" Bren MKI and dated 1938. 

This is a nice clean condition early Mark 1 Bren gun and fully dry firing and strippable, manufactured in 1938 in the anticipation of war with Germany.  The Dove tail mount was designed for fitting either the Vickers fixed position sight or the new Number 32 Mk1 scope. 


The Number 32 Mk1 scope was never fitted due to under heavy fire the scope would fall apart (it was later fitted to the BSA Number 4T  Sniper Rifle).

1938 was the first year of full products at Enfield who would go on to manufactured the Bren gun until 1943 at it Enfield factory.

About photo shows the Kings Head and the date of manufacture

A rare opportunity to own a very rare Bren Gun



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