Early Dunkirk  Bren Gun Mark 1  .303   Dove tail  dated 1940   

This is a rare early production John Inglis Co Ltd of Toronto, Canada manufactured "Dovetail" Bren MKI, dated 1940.

Very few of this variant were made by John Inglis Co Ltd of Toronto, Canada before switching over to the commonly encountered MKIm.  John Inglis completed their first batches of Bren Guns by March 1940, starting with serial number M1 to M9999.

This Bren is from that first batch and is number M242 of only 880 ever made before  switching to the more common Mk1m model.

The 'dovetail' sight bracket was original designed for the Number 32 Mk1 Telescopic sight and mount but later fitted to the Lee Enfield No4T Sniper Rifle instead after troop trials of a scoped Bren Gun did not prove successful

This rare 1940 John Inglis Dovetail Mk1 Bren gun has a removable barrel and is totally strippable.

Rare Total Strip down


           During WW2  90% of the total workforce at the

John Inglis Bren Factory were female machine operators

Photo taken in 1942 of female machine operators

at the John Ingles Bren gun factory, Toronto