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 We have just  Six    M1D Garand Sniper Rifles
Now only ONE left  

             It has taken just under one year to get these M1D Garand Sniper rifles imported into the UK,  these are from the original M1D Garand Danish Sniper Rifle program, these are still fitted with there Original genuine M84 Scopes and mounts.

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     Only 1,000 M1D's Sniper rifle were sold to the Danish under the 1955 contract,  our six M1D's still have there original PB Serial number's and are chambered in 3006

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     These are original M1D's Danish contract rifles, to conform to UK  Section one Firearms law the barrel has been replaced with new 3006 (2021).​

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      We can export any or all these M1D Garand Sniper Rifles around the world, just drop us an email for a shipping quote,  it is as easy as that !  



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