WW2 FN Browning  7.65 Automatic Pistol model 10/22

This FN Browning Pistol was designated as the "Browning Model 1922" but would also become known by the name of "Browning Model 1910/1922". This pistol appeared as the 7.65x17SR Browning (.32 ACP) cartridge.





















With its introduction during the interwar years, the Model 1922/Mle 1922 inevitably went to war during World War 2. It was adopted by several European powers (for military and police use) in the time leading up to war and these included Holland, Greece, Romania, France, Denmark and Finland. After Belgium fell to the German invasion, FN factories continued output of the Model 1922  after the Nazi over ran the FN Factory the Factory it stayed in production to supply the German Army.

                                           Dry firing and field stripping  (deact in 1989)