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  BAR ( Browning Automatic Rifle )  3006  manufactured by FN

          Removable barrel and totally strippable & Dry firing

     According to leading US Military experts this version of the BAR was by far the best with a changeable barrel system and disassembly far easier that earlier versions.

    This BAR is chambered in the USA Army 3006 calibre and was built as parts of the Columbian Government contract.  This version of the BAR was first developed by FN in the early 1930's and by 1932 this version went into product.   Production stopped in 1939 after the Nazi took over the factory and production did not restart until 1946.

   Why the Germans never carried on production of the BAR is simply because the Nazi had so many occupied Arms factories all over Europe and all these factories had different weapons platforms,  so for the Germans it was far easier to stick with there own weapons rather than have far too many weapons platform's dotted all over Europe. 


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The BAR is a very reliable weapon platform and this the last version is by far the easiest to strip down.  

This BAR can be totally stripped down including the barrel which is fully removable as seen in the photo above 

                                       Fully dry firing and totally Strippable

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