Enfield No1 Mk3  date 1912 .303  volley sights

                                        R.S.A.F Enfield  Number l Mklll   1912

                                        Manufactured in 1912 at Enfield Lock, Enfield


   This very good example of a  pure Mark lll Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle , chambered in .303.  These rifles are instantly recognisable for their classic blunt nosed profile.

                                      ”The Kings crown /  G.R / ENFIELD// 1912 /SHT L.E. / III  

              Lovely walnut finish Ten round magazine.  Magazine cut off as standard.  It has a shotable bore   .  This rifle has a standard butt fitted

                                        This rifle would have seen service in WW1 and WW2 

               The rear sight is graduated from 200 to 2000 yards and on the reverse face of the rear sight has a cleverly cross-hatched surface and vertical central line to aid with aim and cut down the glare. This kind of detail was not to be included on military arms from this period henceforth.  

            The rear sight protectors are the correct dished type.  This SMLE has a standard detachable 10 shot magazine and two sling swivels and a stacking swivel.  Bayonet fitting on the underside of the front cap which has the sight protector ears on top.

                                                                Ideal for the Collectors