Inglis  Bren Gun Mk1  .303   1942   DP Trainer 

This is a rare example of a Canadian Inglis 1942 dated Bren Gun Mk1  .303  with full DP Trainer Markings .

This Bren Gun was manufactured at the  John Inglis and Company  in Toronto , Canada in 1942

with a serial number  OT7658 and was shipped to the UK  on a Convoy Ship via 
 (Halifax Nova Scotia –U.K.  Liverpool )  


After it survived the crossing and it was attached to  The New Zealand Army  (as marked on this Bren gun)  . The New Zealand Army had no light machine guns when they entered the war but being part of the British Empire they were issued with the Bren Gun light machine gun and Vickers Heavy machine guns.

After WW2 had finished this Bren gun was convert to a DP Training rifle and practice weapon,

Full DP Training Bren guns are rare and at one time disliked by collectors and any DP Marking were removed, but to remove marking is removing its History but that has made these DP Bren guns are now rare to find.

John Inglis Bren Gun Plant at night  1942

90% of John Inglis & Co work force were young women