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WW2  Springfield M1 Garand     November dated 1942    3006 

                                Fantastic condition

      (1989 deactivation) fully strippable and dry firing 

         It is not very often that you see a immacutale condition WW2  Springfield  M1 Garand in very early deactivated condition.

         The serial number  (1030388 ) dates this M1 Garand to November 1942

        Sympathetically deactivated to the very early (1989 spec) fully strippable and it has a smooth dry firing action.



Fully working action 


 This M1 Garand still have the very early milled cocking system


Fitted with Original 1903 sling



 Manufactured  81 years ago  and in such great condition,  this is great opportunity to own a very rare very early spec M1 Garand that may have seen active service in WW2 and Korea.


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