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   Australian Army  L1A1 SRL   7.62  dated 1966  this L1A1  AD6603642                  Records shows it was issued to the  Australian Army.               

           This Australian Army  L1A1 SRL   7.62  dated 1966   is fully strippable and is dry firing.  The Serial number on this L1A1 AD6603642  and records shows it was sold  to the  Australian Army as part of the Australian Government contact 
           Unlike the UK,  Australian joined the US in supporting South Vienam after the Viet Cong was promted to start a initiated  guerrilla war in the south. The People's Army of Vietnam  also known as the North Vietnamese Army (NVA), engaged in more conventional warfare with U.S. and South Vietnamese forces .
        North Vietnam invaded Laos in 1958, establishing the Ho Chi Minh Trail to supply and reinforce the VC  thousand military advisors in 1959 to 23,000 by 1964.

        Australia entered the conflic with New Zealand in coalition with the US, the Autralian Army involvement in the Vietnam War began with a small commitment of 30 military advisors in 1962, and increased over the following decade to a peak of 7,672 Australian personnel.

    During that conflict the Australian Army used it  L1A1 service  rifle, this L1A1 is dated to 1966 and unlike other Australian manufactured L1A1's this was purchased by the Australian Army .


   This L1A1 is in the serial number range AD6603642 for the 1966 Australian Army arms contract   AD6602862-- AD6604061 .


This L1A1 is fully Dry firing and fully strippable  with a 1994 deactivation 


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