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                                Lee Metford II   1894

        Converted in 1908 to ConD IV  Navy  (No1 Mklll )

              Military .22 conversion stamps on barrel

    This is a British military conversion from a Lee Metford to a ConD IV (No1 MkIII*) , the conversion was part of the British Army's upgrade of the Long Lee and Lee Metford rifles to then current military specification.  

    This Lee Metford was part of the Royal Navy contract of 1908 and was maybe used on onboard a Dreadnought.   This rifle started life as a Lee Metford II  .303 Service rifle and was manufactured at the Lee Enfield Factory in 1894 and was more than likely used in the Boar War (1899-1901).

    By 1898 the Lee Metford rifle was declared obsolete by the British Army and any Lee Metfords were re barreled to the Enfield rifled 303 barrel's.  This rifle was converted in 1908 at the Enfield factory as part of that up grade program to No1 Mk3.

   At sometime it was converted again to a .22 for training the troops in the operation of a SMLE without the expense of 303 ammo.  

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           This rifle was maybe part of the British Army 'Afghanistan contract ' as that contract was placed in 1893 for completion in 1894 and this fits the Afghanistan issued Government contract of 1893.   This Lee Metford is dated 1894 which makes it 128 years old and is still in very good order.    

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        This Lee Metford II has Victorian and Edwardian Military proof marks, we has no idea of the .22 conversion date and could have well been after WW1 as it is in No1 Mklll* spec.  There is a very real prospect that this rifle may have service in three major world conflicts.

                                                 Second Boar War

                                                   First World War

                                                 Second World War


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This is a pre 1899 Rifle and requires no Licence in the USA as it was manufactured in 1894



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