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Museum Standard

       WW1   Royal Flying Corps Colt  1911  .455 Eley

                               FAC     Section 7.1  

     You can keep this live at home on your FAC licence


Retaining virtually full original blued finish, the left side of the slide stamped Patented Apr.20.1897.Sept.9.1902/Dec.19.1905.Feb.14.1911.Aug.19.1913/Colt's Pt.F.A.Mfg.Co./Hartford Ct. U.S.A., the right side with Colt Automatic/Calibre .455, the right side of the frame stamped Government Model, the butt with panel chequered walnut grips, two-tone magazine, the base-plate with lanyard-ring and stamped Cal. 455/Eley


    Around 10,000 pistols were shipped to the Royal Air Force. These pistols had a special serial number range starting with W100001 and reaching W110692 by the time the final deliveries against this government order were made in early 1918 and this Colt 1911 was manufactured in March 1918.

                         Inside the lower has a stamp 'E' for Enfield inspector mark


   Not seen on the Market since the early 1960's the owner past away at 91, two years ago.  We understand that this WW1 Colt .455 1911 was purchase in the early 1960's by that owner and has been in collection until he past away.

    This is a opportunity to own and have in your house a very rare First World War  Colt  .455 1911.   This Colt 1911  dated 1918   .455 Eley  can be kept at home on a 

section one  7.1 as a live gun,  this is very rare in the UK 

    For an Colt owner's and especially US collectors of Colt 1911 who have not yet had the opportunity to own a rare .455 Eley version then we can ship this very rare Colt to the USA





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