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 WW1 German  C96  Semi-Automatic  Mauser Pistol dated to 1913

                    with Genuine C96  wooden shoulder stock 

                                       Dry firing & Strippable

      This 1913 Imperial German Army C96 Mauser  Semi-Automatic Pistol comes with its wooden Shoulder stock.

       With the serial number 830208 dates this Mauser to 1913, just on the on the eve of WW1. 

      Within a year of this C96 being manufactured at the Mausers Berlin Factory in Germany the Germans were at war with the British Empire.

       The combination of a C96 and its wooden Should stock was commonly called a  'Broomhandle' Mauser.

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    The C96 was very popular with German officers and men who were issued with them and even more popular with the British officers and men who captured them. 

   During and after WW1 had ended the 'The Broomhandle Mauser' was the most popular German weapon that ended up in the UK as a war soigneur. 

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      Like many German C96's and Luger PO8's,  this C96 was sold to the Chinese and other markets to generate income after WW1,  there was a surplus of military weapons and Mauser was very slow to understand the far eastern interest in there C96, but the British were not.


     The biggest supply of C98 to the far east was UK Military arms dealers 

as China was a big market place ever since the boxer rebellion in 1900.

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     This C96 has a small Chinese Imperial import stamp and is more than likely for Shanghai and was probably imported in to China by British import agents.

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     This Broomhandle Mauser is fully dry firing and can be stripped down for cleaning if required.

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       The original Shoulder stock is complete and has a nice fit with the pistol

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   The overall condition is good for a 109 year old WW1 Germans officers service pistol.

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