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 Mauser C96  7.63    Full Auto Machine pistol  (M712 Schnellfeuer)

                                Pre 95 deactivation (1990)

       The Mauser M712 was developed  in 1933 at a time when submachine guns had been very well established. 


       But this was not before in 1928 the engineers at the Spanish Astra Factory decided to tinker with the C96 mechanism to try and make it into a baby submachine gun.


       This did not go un-notices by Mauser in Berlin who picked up the idea and ran with it,  looking at the huge US market for easy cash.   But in 1934  'The 1934 National Firearms Act'  imposed a $200 tax on the transfer of any fully automatic firearm. 


      This high US tax made importing M712 pistols impractical and not cost effective to import into Mauser biggest market

From 1932 to 1936 almost 100,000 full auto M712 pistols were produced which 

was almost entirely intended for export to the USA.

                                That was until the Chinese came to the party


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Above photo:  Bolt closed

Below  Photo:  Bolt open 

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                                    Below Photo:   

The Germans were masters of high Quality Engineering

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   In the early 1930's the biggest market for the Spanish companies was not the USA  market but the Chinese market.  It did not take long for Berlin to realise they were missing a trick and the game was up for the Spanish.

   The Chinese were by far the biggest market for the Mauser C96  7.63    Full Auto Machine pistol and the Chinese loved the 'extras' as well.

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The condition of this Mauser C96  7.63   Full Auto Machine pistol  is very good. There are no Chinese markings or stamps and the Pistol is fully marked Mauser.

          Deactivated back in 1990 and is fully strippable and is dry firing.


We Export worldwide and this can be shipped anywhere in the world by our Export Agents.

                                           Please Note: No Export to Northern Ireland