BSA & Co SMLE No1 Mkl*** 1906

Built at BSA Brimingham in 1906 as a SMLE No1 Mk* then circa 1913 modified to MkI*** British Land Army Spec. This No1 Mkl*** is now 112 years old and is still in very good condition.

For Shooting the No1 Mkl*** is a must as it has the Mark MkVll upgraded sight system (the Mkl* was built  for Mark Vl  Lead ammo only ) 

These is the best version of the No1 Mk1 serials of SMLE's.  Full floating charger guided system was the prelude to the No1 Mklll with its fixed charger bridge. 

This version was only in production for 4 years before its more famous Mklll took the stage.

Now very hard to find and in very condition