B.S.A  Number 1 Mk1***  ShT LE  .303  Date 1907,  Long Distance Volley Sights, Full windage. very good barrel (.303), new walnut wood, Ten round magazine. magazine cut off, floating charger brigde.

             This is the rarest of SMLE's only in production for 4 years, this service rifle has full up-grade to MKl*** Chambered in .303 it has a detachable, ten shot box magazine. 

             The magazine is correctly marked with a “2″ on the lifter and a “3″ on the rear of the box.  Enfield bolt system with round headed cocking piece and sliding charger guide attached to the bolt head.  This model of SMLE has half the charging guide as part of the Left hand side action wall while the other half slides on the bolt head.

     The Right hand side of the wrist socket is marked as follows “Royal Cypher / E.R. / B.S.A.& Co / 1907/ S.HT LE / I*** 

                                                                  A very rare Lee Enfield