Birmingham Small Arms Number l  Mklll

                              Manufactured in 1917 at Small Heath, Birmingham

             The Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd was a British Arms Manufacturing  from  1860's to 1972 and had a number company name changes.

              This BSA 1918 Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle is chambered in .303.  These rifles are instantly recognisable for their classic blunt nosed profile..

                                      ”The Kings crown /  G.R / BSA / 1918 /SHT L.E. / III*  

               Lovely walnut finish and fitted with a Ten round magazine,  the rear sight is graduated from 200 to 2000 yards 

            The rear sight protectors are the correct dished type.  This SMLE has a standard detachable 10 shot magazine and two sling swivels and a stacking swivel.  Bayonet fitting on the underside of the front cap which has the sight protector ears on top

                         The rifle is common numbered and the rifling is very good


         BSA Co,  were contractors to the British Armed forces and produced many British Service Rifles- notably the Martini–Henry, Martini–Enfield, and Short Magazine Lee–Enfield rifles. They also produced a number of sporting arms and shotguns for the civilian market.