BSA Long Lee Mk1*  1900 converted to C.L.L.E IN 1908 converted to No1 Mklll  spec pre 1914

This rifle started out life as a BSA Long Lee Mk1* in 1900 , in 1908 it went through the Charger loading Long Lee up grade program in 1908 at BSA.  This was a goverment up grade program to to convert Long Lee's to Charger loading, this program also improved the trigger system to two pull as well.

At sometime it was converted to No1 Mklll Sh-LE Spec but was not part of the ConD 1V UP Grade program which was running at the same time.

It has a full set of Victorian Proof marks and a full set of Edwardian proof marks.

Manufactured for the South African Boar war campaign (1899-1901) . In 1904 the Long Lee was discontinued and put into war reserve stock as its replacement (No1 Mk1 SMLE)

was in full production.

In 1908 it was pulled out of War reserve and converted to C.L.L.E Spec . Later converted to the Short  SMLE Version No1 Mklll configuration but not ( ConD 1V) conversion. 

This Rifle may have been in the Second boar war  (1899-1901), the First World war (1914-1918) and the Second world war ( second line) 1939-1945 and is now 118 years old. 

This rifle shoots but is being sold as a collectors item