Arisaka Type 99  7.7  Early type

    Manufactured at the TOYO Arsenal, KOGYO 


                The  Japanese Soldier who had this rifle was taken as a prisoner of war by a USA Gi in WW2 at the Battle of Iwo Jime , this is according to the US Collector whom we purchased this rifle from.


              The US Collector did get a bit of information from the previous owner and  that was it was taken from a Japanese soldier who surrendered after the battle of Iwo Jima.   Unfortunately there is no more information about this rifles History other than the GI bought it back to the US.

 The Rifle

                  Factory                           Toyo Arsenal,  Kogyo

                  Rifle serial number     52393

                  Serial                               31

                 This Arisaka Type 99  was manufactured at the Toyo Arsenal, Kogyo and  has production  Series 31 range marking.  The Serial production number is in the form of a Japanese character and is before the serial number.   This is important in the world of Arisaka's as this pin points the date period. 

                 The Japanese character of Series 31 is a very early production series number (character) at the begining of WW2.   The serial  number 52393  ( rifle serial number ) put this  Arisaka at mid production run of 99.999 of the 31 serial production.  This rifle has full matching numbers


As this rifle was captured,  the Americans supervised the removal of chrysanthemum from all captured rifles,  this was a face saving gesture to allow the Japanese soldiers to surrender without desecrating the  Emperor Imperial symbol.  

This fits in with the story we were told by the US collector,  after all you cannot have a chrysanthemum if the rifle was captured by the Americans if the Soldier was still alive as this would  disgrace the captured soldier. 

The rifle is fitted with a genuine Mono pod and anti-aircraft sights and cleaning rod, there are plenty of photos to look at .  For an Arisaka this is in mint conditions and a very rare series 31 toyo factory Arisaka rifle.

There is no dust cover with this rifle or chrysanthemum present and that is reflected in the price.  It is a gruesome fact that if the soldier had been killed then it would have its chrysanthemum.  

The rifle bore is chrome lined as is normal and the action of the bolt is smooth in operation.  

With all WW2 Arisaka's it is all in the detail as this is a very specialised subject  compared against other Military Rifles. 


  This rifle shoots very well and would make an ideal range rifle plus it has a stack of history as well.  


For the Arisaka collectors they will have a very rare early type 99  7.7 Arisaka that has seen action in WW2 but some will not be happy that the chrysanthemum is not there !  but we can hardly go back in time and ask the Americans not to remove it !